You want your wedding day to be special. AND you want it to be perfect! Your DJ has a big part in your day. Read 10 important things that brides need to know before booking your Erie Wedding DJ!

1. Not All Disc Jockeys are the Same!

Just because you saw a DJ at the club or corner bar does not actually mean he or she has ever done a wedding reception! This is the biggest mistake of all. It may seem like a great idea, but remember, a club DJ is hired to play nonstop dance music for the club and is to paid to make money for the club. A radio DJ is most familiar with playing music from a set playlist to an invisible audience, with little or no interaction. They are both great at what they do, but a wedding is a completely different environment that requires a different set of skills.  Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that involves a varied audience, and a professional wedding DJ is going to know exactly how to engage and entertain them.

2. DJ Attire

Not all DJs (even though they should) dress to impress (ex. wear tuxedo). Do NOT assume they will be dressed how you think they should be!

3. Interview with your DJ

Just because the DJ sounds good on the phone, take the time to have a in person face to face consultation with them. They could just be reading a script they found from another DJ company online! If you go out to get a job you normally will not be hired over the phone – you will have to go to an interview. Why shouldn’t your DJ do the same?

4. Ask for References

Always ask for references! Some brides-to-be never ask for any references from previous wedding receptions that the DJ has done. Past brides would love to have you give them a call and ask their opinion.

5. Have a Contract and Read it Carefully!

First, make sure there IS a contract and second, make sure you read it – in detail – before you sign. Make sure your contract has the DJ’s name as the entertainer for the event on the contract – not just their company name as the supplier of the entertainment.

6. Don’t Skimp on a Final Meeting

Always make sure you setup a final meeting with the DJ at least a month in advance to go over the final details of how the day is going to go. Dot the I’s and cross the T’s! The last thing you need is a delay at your reception because your DJ is not prepared.

7. Wedding Song Choices

Make sure you specify what type of music you like and would prefer to hear. Also – very important – even though you should not have to tell your DJ to keep it tasteful and classy please refer back to #1. Need help choosing songs? There are plenty of resources on line like Wedding Wire.

8. Sound System & Microphone Presentation

Your DJ should already know how much professional sound to bring to the venue. However, not all venues are not the same and never assume your DJ has ever played at your specific venue. Your DJ should also know how to keep the volume at the appropriate levels through cocktail hour, dinner, and the rest of the night. Make sure your DJ has experience with talking (and not yelling) through the microphone and is comfortable with the microphone. Your DJ, in essence, “runs” your wedding or event. It is important that everyone understand announcements and instructions.

9. Setup

Your DJ should always arrive at least 1 to 2 hrs prior to your event to get setup. This should be mentioned in the contract. The last thing you want is the DJ to arrive right before your event. And remember, things can go wrong – vehicle break downs, equipment failure etc…

10. Backup Equipment and Personal

Always make sure your DJ has backup equipment on hand. Spare computer,speakers, amps etc. Never be afraid to ask if they have qualified WEDDING DJs on stand-by in case something would happen to your DJ.

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  1. Quality Dj’s are expensive, but you can be reassured that your wedding/event will go well and it will be memorable and fun! You want good memories of your wedding, not bad ones! Great article!

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