5 Magical Holiday Proposal Ideas

Christmas Proposal Ideas

There’s no doubt about it, Christmas is a romantic time of the year for a marriage proposal! But just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put thought into it. Women always want something that they can brag to their friends about to let them know how romantic, creative, and thoughtful you are! So don’t drop the ball. Here are a few holiday proposal ideas to get your creativity flowing!

1. The ‘Public’ Proposal

Whether in a public place or at a family gathering, a public proposal will definitely put you and your loved one in the spotlight! There are a few things to consider when planning a public proposal. First, be sure that your partner likes being in the spotlight. Also, make sure you are not overshadowing deep holiday traditions. A proposal in front of family is a great way to invite your partner to be part of your family. If you have children together, it is a way to really solidify the family by making them part of your new life together right from the start! However, you may want to be pretty sure of the answer before making it a public spectacle.

2. Light Up Your Christmas Proposal

What has more holiday spirit than Christmas lights? You can write just about anything if you buy enough lights! For that extra motivated person, why not spell out Christmas proposal on the roof? Let the entire neighborhood know while keeping the actual proposal intimate. This is an especially good idea for someone who just loves the holidays!

3. A Christmas Treasure Hunt

You may have seen similar ideas in movies or on TV. The marriage proposal treasure hunt is perfect for that person who loves surprise and nostalgia. Whether you choose to do a treasure hunt at home or send her or him off on a hunt around the city, make sure that every clue is special to your relationship or your loved one. Start small with a favorite box of cookies and build up to the grand finale – maybe where you first met or your first date. Think back to special things you have done together and take your loved one on a ‘journey’ through your relationship so far!

4. Christmas Tree Ring

For the most romantic Christmas morning ever, strip your tree and put one single ornament or bow with a ring. Try attaching an extra special poem or quote to really up the ante!

5. Ask Santa!

Hire a Santa for the special day to bring your engagement ring in his bag! Or be Santa yourself! Have her/him sit on Santa’s lap and make a big spectacle. Invite friends or just the two or three of you – whatever your partner will like.


Christmas proposals can be very romantic with the festive lights and holiday spirit just adding to the occasion! However, you still want to make the engagement memorable and special to your loved one and not just rely on the Holiday to make it special.

Do you have a romantic story to tell to give others inspiration? Let us know in the comments here!

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